Plastic wide mouth bottle blowing machine

Plastic wide mouth bottle blowing machine

Plastic wide mouth bottle blowing machine

Plastic wide-mouth bottle blowing machine is a specialized equipment specially designed for large-diameter PET bottles. The wide-mouth bottle blowing machine is especially suitable for the production and processing of large-diameter bottles with a diameter of 50-180. The bottle blowing machine is precisely positioned and adopts an advanced microcomputer PLC control system, which can be more stable.

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Features of plastic wide mouth bottle blowing machine:

1.The series of blow molding equipment is highly versatile, suitable for 50-180 calibers, with a high degree of automation, suitable for the preform and automatic unloading of wide-mouth bottles;
2. Two to three devices can be manually controlled by one person, and the output is high and can be equipped with all-electric stretching and clamping;
3. The heat penetration is strong and the preform is rotated by itself, so that the preform is uniformly heated during the preheating process;
4. Safe, reliable and unique valve position design makes the blowing process easier to control;
5. There is a safety locking device during each mechanical action to protect the operator's safety;

6. The blow molding machine equipment is low-cost, high-efficiency, easy to operate, easy to maintain, etc., and advanced automatic process;
7. With automatic and manual operation modes;
8. Use different air pressure for blowing and machine operation, energy saving and environmental protection;
9. Easy to install and start, low scrap rate

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