PET automatic Bottle Blowing Machine detailed introduction

PET automatic Bottle Blowing Machine detailed introduction

PET automatic Bottle Blowing Machine  detailed introduction

Borg series automatic blow molding machine is suitable for blowing various plastic containers and beverage bottles made of PET, PP and PC. Widely used in blowing a variety of gas-containing beverage bottles, mineral water pure water bottles, juice bottles, oil bottles, cosmetic bottles and so on.

Machine advantages:

1. Fully automatic man-machine interface, easy to operate, the whole machine runs smoothly, the fault is less, and the blowing speed is fast;

2. The output is high and stable, automatic embryoping equipment, no card embryo, ensuring stable and efficient product output;

3. The action is stable, the double-bend elbow and the main link hinge mechanism have strong clamping force, and the high-pressure blowing bottle has the function of clamping and supercharging, and the action is stable and reliable;

4. Low energy consumption, high degree of automation and simple operation. Unmanned personal injury, avoiding the risk of semi-automatic manual bottle taking, reducing the losses caused by accidents and improving production efficiency;

5. The structure is simple, the oven is integrated with the slideway in the main body, and the maintenance is convenient; the unique lamp installation mode is suitable for the preforms of different structures;

6. It adopts infrared lamp heating, strong penetrating power, and the width and height of the reflector can be adjusted, which can be suitable for heating preforms with different structures;

7. The professional design of gas path, the design of air circuit and the blowing of air are divided into two parts to meet the needs of different pressures of blowing and action, and to achieve high pressure blowing products. You can also purchase a high-pressure blow bottle exhaust gas recovery system, which can save 10-15% of the gas source.

8. The detection components are selected from well-known brand products, and the strong electric control uses imported famous products with reliable performance, accurate response and long service life;

9. Automatic detection function: with automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and judgment kinetic energy.

10. It can store the blowing process parameters of 9 different bottles. When replacing different molds and preforms, it can be directly retrieved from the computer without re-adjusting the data.

Blank system

- The conveyor belt lifts the preform from the hopper to the trainer, and the preforms are automatically arranged in sequence via the split slide.

- The blank gripper takes the preform onto the revolution slider.

- The compacting device ensures that the blank is reliable, transports the preform, and reduces the blanking caused by the blank.

Heating system

- A reasonable ventilation cooling system can fully guarantee the warming of the preform and the cooling of the container mouth.

- PLC independent segmental temperature control, the drying tunnel is reasonable in the world, can be reversed, and reliable before and after.

- The preform has a small heating center distance and a fast heating rate, which is 40% more energy efficient than ordinary heating systems.

- The preform enters the oven with the bottleneck up. Due to the efficient oven cooling and ventilation system, the bottle neck and shaft are not overheated. The surface of the preform and even the thick preform and high productivity products are well cooled. It is crystallized.

- In order to ensure the yield of the blowing bottle, the oven is in a very important position in measuring the performance of the machine. The oven structure of the machine adopts the most advanced infrared radiation heating energy-saving technology in the world, and the temperature control adopts automatic negative feedback and closed-loop adjustment mode. 

Clamping mechanism

-The clamping mechanism adopts a five-point double-curved arm clamping mechanism to optimize the design, and the clamping force is large and the speed is fast.

- The revolving slider is quickly driven to the mold by the servo drive to blow the preform into the mold.

- After heating, the preform leaves the oven and is transferred to the blow mold by a servo motor.

The integral air valve is used for pre-blowing, blowing and removal, so fast, accurate and repeated adjustment of the blowing equipment is required, taking into account the flexibility of the blowing process.

Change mold

The blower replaces the mold quickly and easily. There is an area on the front of the machine for changing the mold. There is a simple roller on the top for taking out the entire mold (suitable for 2-8 chambers, small and large containers).

Bottle discharging device

A bottle connecting mechanism is installed at the blowing bottle to connect with the air supply chute, and the forming container is directly delivered to the filling system.

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