Servo automatic high-speed blow molding machine solution

Servo automatic high-speed blow molding machine solution

Servo automatic high-speed blow molding machine solution

Background of the project

1. With economic development and the diversity of people's needs, different types of PET plastic bottles have become indispensable packaging containers in the food and beverage industry, which are closely related to everyone's life.

2. As an indispensable blow molding machine for making PET plastic bottles, the global market demand is huge, and it is developing in the direction of full automation, high speed and high precision.

3. The customer originally used the PTO control scheme, and the production accuracy and reliability were relatively low. It is necessary to manually adjust the running speed of the servo shaft according to different production speeds, and the mechanical vibration is large.

4. Intelligent servo drive, through Powerlink real-time Ethernet bus, through cam planning, all axes follow the main shaft to run in linkage, greatly improving the accuracy and stability.

Blow molding machine process

(1) Preform and preform: place the preform in the barrel, and then enter the preform positioning device through transportation and preform

(2) Preform heating: the bottle mouth is fixed on the furnace chain and rotated into the heating furnace to soften

(3) Clamping and sending embryos: The heated preforms are sent to the blowing mold through the clipping and embryo-feeding fingers

(4) Clamping and pressurization: After the preform enters the mold, the mold is closed and locked, and filled with high-pressure gas.

(5) Stretch blowing: the preform is held up by the stretching rod, first low-pressure blowing, then high-pressure blowing, and exhausting to open the mold

(6) Bottle-out and bottle-arranging: the finished bottle is taken down from the bottle-blowing platform by the automatic demolding system

Overall solution configuration

High-performance PLC

(1) High cost performance, small and exquisite

(2) Scalable modular IO, which can be expanded through shielded twisted pair cables or through Powerlink bus modules

(3) Powerlink real-time Ethernet control, PLC task execution cycle and communication cycle can reach 0.4ms, and different communication cycles and task cycles can be set according to urgency to reduce PLC load

(4) Standard Ethernet debugging interface, directly connected to the touch screen through VNC, built-in USB, RS232 interface

(5) Real-time monitoring and collection of PLC task execution, and graphical display

1. The whole machine has low energy consumption, high degree of automation and simple operation.

2. The pneumatic components, bearings and electrical appliances of the equipment are all imported brands.

3. Servo drive, fast, accurate and stable positioning.

4. Servo clamping, energy saving, fast, stable, no noise.

5. A high-pressure gas recovery device can be installed for use as a low-pressure action.

6. LCD touch screen control, intuitive, convenient and fast operation.

Introduction to the working principle of the blow molding machine

Blow molding machines are mainly divided into three categories: extrusion blow molding machines, injection blow molding machines and special structure blow molding machines. The processing technology is mainly divided into one-step method and two-step method. One-step and two-step blow molding processes are mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow containers. Both have their own characteristics and are widely used. In comparison, the two-step method is more suitable for concentrated production of preforms and dispersed blowing of bottles, and the one-step method is more suitable for the on-line production of beverage companies.

The blowing procedure of the blow molding machine mainly includes six steps:

1) First, put the heated preform into the mold;

2) Use the clamping cylinder to lock the mold;

3) Lock the blank mold with high pressure or mechanical structure;

4) Pre-blowing at medium and high pressure to expand the blank mold by stretching the cylinder at the same time;

5) High-pressure air blowing, shape the preform according to the mold, and keep the pressure for a certain period of time;

6) Release the high pressure in the forming bottle, reset the cylinder to - take out the bottle.

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