pet bottled water blow molding machine

pet bottled water blow molding machine

pet bottled water blow molding machine

The pet bottled water blow molding machine is a new generation of large-capacity blow molding machine developed by the company. It can blow 5L-20L in size, fully automatic operation, and can blow 1800 bottles/hour, with fast speed and stable operation.

pet bottled water blow molding machine

Scope of application: It is especially suitable for large-scale bottled water below 20L, such as 5L bottled water, 18.9L five-gallon pure water bottled water produced and sold by water plants, purified water plants, and bottled water plants.



1. Equipped with a hoist with a return device developed by the company, the preform can be loaded quickly and prevent the preform from being stuck.

2. Modular chain transmission, stable transmission and high efficiency

3. The infrared oven is heated at a constant temperature, and the rotary preform heating system ensures that the preform is heated evenly

4. Double crank arm clamping structure design, tonnage level clamping force

5. Automatic operation, no need for manual intervention, simple operation

6. Low energy consumption, high output and small footprint

Category project BG-20L
Host Product capacity 20L
Yield 200-300pcs/h
Product caliber ≤65mm
Template size 420x660mm
Mold thickness 350-420mm
Clamping stroke ≤350mm
Clamping force 80KN
Stretching stroke 530mm
Working pressure ≤1.0Mpa
Blowing pressure ≤4.0Mpa
Blowing power 2Kw
Host weight 2500Kw
Host size 2800*720*2160mm
Oven power 10Kw
weight 800kg
size 2200*750*1800mm

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