Plastic bottle machine equipment-5L plastic bottle machine equipment

Plastic bottle machine equipment-5L plastic bottle machine equipment

Plastic bottle machine equipment-5L plastic bottle machine equipment

We are committed to making PET blow molding machines with excellent performance, stability and durability, easy operation and affordable price for our customers, which is the goal of BG Machinery.

The main machine parts are selected from internationally renowned products from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan. BG series blow molding machine can produce PET plastic bottles/barrels/cans of various shapes such as 10m-25L, and the products are exported to the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Russia and other countries and area.

B5000-4 is a two-step automatic blowing equipment specially developed for blowing 5-liter edible oil bottles, which can meet customers' needs for large-capacity, high-speed, and fully-automated production. It has 2-4 chambers, and a single chamber can manufacture products up to 5 liters. This equipment can also blow other large-capacity packaging containers above 2L, such as carbonated beverages, medium and low temperature filling juice beverages, mineral water, pesticides, etc.

Product parameters Maximum capacity 5L
Number of cavities 2Cavites
Yield 1600-1800pcs/hr
Maximum caliber 45-80mm
The maximum diameter 210mm
maximum height 360mm
Power specifications Number of lamps 60pcs
Maximum heating power 100kw
Total power of the machine 100kw
Actual power consumption 22kw
Air pressure specifications Working pressure 0.7-0.9mpa
Low voltage power consumption 2600ltr/min
Blowing pressure 25-35kg/c㎡
High voltage power consumption 4500-5000ltr/min
Cooling water specifications Working pressure 5-6kc/c㎡
Humidity range 10.c
consumption 6600kcal/hr
45ltr/min 45ltr/min
Appearance specifications Machine size 5.6*2.1*2.1m
Machine weight 5.5T

Automatic feeding machine for working efficiency, transportation is accurate, durable and reliable quality, and in the process of feeding raw materials without moisture, without pollution, without foreign bodies, no leakage, transported from the realization of the feeding process, to avoid the risk of aerial feeding, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency.            

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