PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer from china

PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer from china

PET Blowing Machine Manufacturer from china

fully automatic PET stretch blowing machine is developed by advanced bottle blowing technology.It has advantage of high-level fully automatic,stable working performance,simple structure but high working efficiency.Also these PET blowing machine are energy-saving,low noise,prevent production from polluting during working process.

Servo transmission system
High positioning accuracy, fast speed and stability, good reliability. Gas circuit design will divide action and blowing into three parts to meet the needs of different pressure for blowing bottles and movement; Adopt high pressure and double crank arm link locking, strong clamping force.

Adopt infrared lamp heating
Adopt infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, preform rotation heating, track revolution, heating evenly, fast and reliable;Heating lamp, reflector width and height can be adjusted to suit preform heating of different structure, with automatic temperature-removal device to ensure the constant temperature of oven.

1. Fully automatic man-machine interface, easy to operate, stable operation of the whole machine, few failures, and fast blowing speed.
2. The parts of the whole machine are made of reasonable materials, precision machining, and fine surface treatment.
3. The rotary type continuous preformation mechanism is adopted, which has great compatibility with preforms, stable and continuous preformation, high speed and high efficiency, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional manipulator intermittent preformation.
4. The preforms in the heating area are densely arranged, the heating speed is fast, the heating is uniform, and the electricity is saved.
5. The chain of the revolution transmission in the heating zone adopts the original imported chain from Japan Tsubaki. The chain has a precise pitch and is durable.
6. The chain of the revolution transmission in the heating zone is designed with a flexible tensioning mechanism of the mold spring to prolong the service life of the chain.
7. The bottle mouth of the PET bottle blowing machine is equipped with a blowing cold air device, which can more effectively protect the screw mouth of the bottle embryo.
8. The design of the separation mechanism is reasonable, and the separation is accurate and reliable.
9. The preform (bottle) conveying mechanism adopts the original imported servo motor and electric positioning system from Festo, Germany.
10. Cylinder-type clamping mechanism, strong clamping, stable and reliable operation.
11. Using servo motor to stretch the preform, the stretching speed is fast, the stretching stroke is accurate, and the stretching stroke can be set arbitrarily.
12. The air blowing (exhaust) system adopts the imported combination valve from Festo, Germany, which has fast air blowing (exhaust) speed and long service life.
13. The bottle can be directly conveyed to the filling line, the conveying mechanism is novel in design, and the conveying is stable and reliable.
14. There is a mutual shrinking program between each operating mechanism of the whole machine, which can protect the machine.

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