Borg—Global Blow Molding Machine Manufacturing Expert

Borg—Global Blow Molding Machine Manufacturing Expert

Borg—Global Blow Molding Machine Manufacturing Expert

Backed by 15 years of expertise in PET packaging and blow molding, BORG blow molding machine solutions bring you quality, safety, process flexibility, competitiveness and environmental friendliness. At each step, our experts will create the right solution for your product and production.

We focus on - drinking water, edible oil/carbonated drinks, daily chemical pesticide production line equipment. A technology-based enterprise that produces, sells, repairs, maintains and produces fully automatic blow molding machines. Since its establishment, it has been providing customers with high-quality products, solving technical problems in production, and providing high-quality services.
Customer satisfaction is my pursuit,

Application of blow molding machine in plastic bottle production

The blow molding machine is mainly a device that makes plastic pellets into hollow containers through the blowing process. Therefore, it is not only easy to use and easy to operate, but also saves more time. The process flow of plastic bottle production by blow molding machine is mainly as follows:
1. The first is to irradiate the preform through an infrared high temperature lamp, which can better make the preform of the preform, but the mouth of the preform does not need to be heated, so as to better maintain the shape of the bottle mouth. cooling device to cool
2. Once again, put the preheated preform into the blow mold that has been prepared, and then inflate it with high pressure, so that the preform can be blown and drawn into various shapes of bottles that people need to meet the needs of people. people's needs.

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