PET/PP bottle forming process - blow molding machine

PET/PP bottle forming process - blow molding machine

PET/PP bottle forming process - blow molding machine

Stable heating of the oven provides a uniform molding temperature for all parts of the blown preform.

Lock-on mold drive provides blow-molding fit.

Pull blower head import.

Stretch blow molding.

Back-end molding and blowing.



Application of blow molding

The market demand for the bottle blowing industry (PET) is increasing day by day.

The compressor is a special product for PET blow molding machine.

The air compression process is 100% oil-free, providing completely oil-free and clean compressed air.

Under the concept of environmental protection design, recyclable PET bottles and containers are gradually used in large quantities.

Adjust the compressor pressure in the range of 25~40kg/cm2G, which can be applied to other industrial oil-free applications.

Mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, food packaging, paper and textile industry, petrochemical industry, bacterial culture, chemical analysis, electronic high-tech industries.


Perfect after-sales service system all over the world.

The maintenance requirements can be predicted through the trend of various indicators, and the maintenance plan can be optimized.

Using high-strength and composite materials, the reliability of parts is high, and the life of the unit is increased.

The reciprocating compressor has the characteristics of easy maintenance, and all components are easy to disassemble and maintain.

Large cylinder bore, low speed design, light load, prolong the life of valve group, piston ring and bearing and other parts.

The pet high-speed automatic bottle blowing machine is a very stable two-step automatic bottle blowing equipment of our company. Carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-diameter bottles, high-temperature-resistant bottles and other packaging containers of any shape with crystalline plastic as raw materials are now introduced to the market by integrating the advanced transmission devices and automatic control technologies at home and abroad. In product design and manufacturing, it is constantly updated and improved according to customer feedback. It has the characteristics of good stability, fast production speed, stable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.

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