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Automatic Blowing Machine For Pet Plastic Bottles

Automatic Blowing Machine For Pet Plastic Bottles

Linear automatic PET bottle blow moulding machine, independently developed by COMARK via adopting the world’s advanced techniques, is a kind of high-speed equipment producing PET bottles by high pressure compressed gas. It has reached the top level by automatically arranging, heating and stretching preform.


Blow Mold
We have own mold department, we design drawing, manufacturing mold parts, assembly together, testing molds on our machines, make sure running goods before shipment.
We choose quality mold material, such as P20, Aluminum, BeCu, for better finished product.
Mold design with optimized cooling system, help to reduce cooling time, increase production speed.
Mold with deflashing, automatic running condition.


Features of pet bottle blowing machine:

1. Blowing 0.5-1.5 PET common bottle.
2. Durable PLC microcomputer controlling system control time can be accurate to 0.01 seconds.
3. Special recycling installation for high-pressure air reduces energy consumption.
4. The far-infrared heater uses a way of conversion self-rotating heating and the rail revolution makes the heating even, quick and reliable.
5. Every heating lamp has an independent temperature control device, to get an ideal preform heating effect.
6. The particular pre-heater design makes perform close while heating. Change space, shorten heating tunnel and reduce energy consumption according to the bottle size while blowing.
7. Simple installation and starting.

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