Bottle Blow moulding Machine Manufacturer

Bottle Blow moulding Machine Manufacturer

Bottle Blow moulding Machine Manufacturer

Automatic PET Bottle Blow Moulding Machine is a high speed linear blow molding machine which is developed and manufactured by our Company using the most advanced bottle blowing technology in the world. Owing to the machine's high degree of automation, high production efficiency, high safety, high stability and reliability, the products made will not be contaminated in any intermediate steps, and it can be matched up directly with the production line of filling and can be widely used in production of mineral water, carbonic acid beverage, juice, tea and heat-resistence bottle product.


Along with the increasing requirement to high quality and outlook appearance, the products manufactured by the old style extrusion blowing  machine cannot fulfill the customer demand any further. The whole process including mould injection, stretch blowing and off-molding can be finished within one step if using Injection Blow Moulding Machine for manufacturing. The products from this machine don't contain any flash, sprue, and much less disfigurement. It can present the perfect looking mouth, bottom and wedding line as well as the better transparence and higher rigidity. Injection Blow Moulding Machine products are thinner than old style ones, which can save 50% material. Besides the merit mentioned above, the one step injection blowing moulding machine can perform the higher speed and more efficient energy saving.

1). stable performance with advanced PLC.
2). automatic preform conveyor to save human cost.
3). The self-rotating preform and infrared preheater revolution ensure uniform heat distribution, which improves the bottle forming speed, increase production.
4). High performance setting to preheat the preforms perfectly by adjusting the voltage control area in the PLC, which can adjust the temperature of the infrared lights in the preheater and keep the proper temperature and humidity unchanged.
5). high safety with automatic safety interlock device in each mechanical action, which will make the production in a perfect environment, in case of failure in a certain procedure.
6). insert the FESTO air cylinder to avoid contamination and noise.
7). satisfaction with the different atmospheric pressure for blowing and mechanics by dividing the blasting and the action into three parts on the machine air pressure diagram.
8). Strong force with high pressure and double links crank to lock the clamping mold.
9). two modes of operation: automatic and manual.
10). Safe \ reliable and unique valve position design to make the pneumatic diagram of the machine easier to understand.
eleven). low cost \ high efficiency \ easy operation and maintenance, etc., benefited from the automatic technological process.
12). Ideal cooling system to make the finished bottles without any defects.
13). easy for you to install \ test and start up.
14). low rejection rate: less than 0.2 percent.


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