Bottle Blowing machine are gradually widely used in many fields,NEWS 

Bottle Blowing machine are gradually widely used in many fields

Bottle Blowing machine are gradually widely used in many fields

With the continuous development of the domestic plastic bottle market, the blow molding machine industry has also emerged. In recent years, its applications in the food and pharmaceutical fields have become more and more extensive. 

Bottle Blowing machine is a kind of equipment that makes plastic particles into hollow containers through blow molding process. At present, the more common models include a one-time hollow extrusion blow molding machine using PP and PE, and two moldings using PET, PC or PP. The injection stretch blow molding machine, as well as the newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding. 

At present, most of the blow molding machines are still two-step blow molding machines, that is, plastic raw materials must be made into preforms before blowing. Nowadays, environmentally friendly plastics made of PET are commonly used. Blow molding machine: After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the wind blown by the machine is used to blow the plastic body into a certain shape of the mold cavity to make a product. This kind of machine is called a blow molding machine. It is also a kind of blow molding machine, namely hydraulic Bottle molding machine.


The rapid development of the bottle blowing machine and its adoption in many industries is mainly due to its distinctive characteristics. First, the bottle blowing machine adopts the oil-free airbag clamping technology, which has a large clamping force, and has less force in the toggle operation and long life. Secondly, the use of the patented fly-out sealing technology makes it easier to seal the jar, especially the jar. In addition, the use of Keyence's PLC, touch screen, easier operation and high reliability. 

However, with the wide range of applications and increasing requirements, the pharmaceutical industry currently has two urgent needs for bottle blowing equipment. One is that because the price of plastic raw materials continues to rise, companies are always thinking about how to reduce packaging costs to maximize profits, so they need to use advanced blowing equipment to produce lighter bottles; the second is due to the rapid changes in the market. Manufacturers must respond flexibly to the shorter and shorter life cycles of medicines. These two urgent needs have created a big problem for the bottle blowing equipment supplier. 

Therefore, in the subsequent development process, blowing machine companies must face these problems directly if they want to achieve long-term development. The industry must use its own advantages to seize the market, and then continue to strengthen technological innovation to stabilize the market.

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