Custom Plastic Bottles & Bottle Making Machine

Custom Plastic Bottles & Bottle Making Machine

Custom Plastic Bottles & Bottle Making Machine

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer from China, we offer fully automatic pet bottle making machine, four cavity plastic bottle making machine, water bottle making machine, pharma bottle making machine, fridge bottles making machines and pet bottle making machines.


What Makes Our Bottle making Better?

Our company also has single and multi-cavity mold capabilities to meet every need your product may have. 

We Offer Both Fully Automatic PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine And Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Producing High Quality PET Plastic Bottles In Various Shapes, Sizes, And Colors For Water, Juice, Carbonated Drink, Vegetable Oil, Alcohol, Liquid Detergent, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care Items.

Our custom manufactured plastic bottles usually keep their natural resin colors. Some of these visual characteristics range from opaque, translucent, or even crystal clear depending on your specific needs. We also offer custom colors in a variety of translucent pigments or transparent tints. In special custom orders, special effects such as pearl additives or metallic resins are also options to distinguish your custom plastic bottle’s design.

Many of our plastic bottles are lightweight and can be molded with exceptionally thin walls. It is important to remember that all our custom plastic bottles are molded at weights that are calculated to offer superb reliability and practicality. If you need a thicker, more durable plastic bottle, we offer more heavy-duty options that will meet your product’s needs.


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