How the two-step PET bottle blowing machine works

How the two-step PET bottle blowing machine works

How the two-step PET bottle blowing machine works

In short, the fully automatic bottle blowing machine is an automated intelligent bottle blowing machine equipment. Currently, it is mainly a linear two-step bottle blowing machine. The entire bottle blowing process is divided into preheating and blow molding. The detailed working principle is as follows:

1. The entire preform is transferred. The fully automatic loading machine loads the preform to the gripper position, and the gripper removes the preform, and then enters the heating oven through the conveyor chain.

2. Preheating: The preform enters the infrared lamp oven through the transmission chain for heating. The infrared oven has two rows of horizontal red line lamps. The temperature of each lamp can be adjusted through the microcontroller PLC. The upper and lower red line lamps have a stable and constant temperature but different heights. In order to ensure that the diameter of the bottle remains unchanged, the bottom preform mouth is generally not heated. At the same time, because it is in a high temperature environment, it is cooled through the dispersion tube in the chiller. The temperature from the middle of the preform to the bottom of the bottle is controlled by constant temperature. Since the hot air evaporates upward, the temperature of the bottom of the bottle is relatively low. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the bottom of the bottle to be too thin and cause the bottom of the bottle to break.

3. Blow into bottles. The heated preform enters the mold clamper for bottle blowing. The hot bottle preform enters the mold clamping device, and the bottle preform is sealed. In the same way as pre-blowing gas, the bottom stretch rod stretches the preform upward, pre-blowing gas to a certain extent, low pressure blowing, and high pressure blowing air at the same time. In a very short time, the bottle is instantly formed in one go and the blowing is completed. A cold dryer is usually installed before pre-blowing the gas. The gas passes through the filter to filter out the moisture in the air and the oil in the equipment lubrication. The gas is clean and the formed bottles have no oil smell. In addition, the hot bottle preform is in the mold clamper. In order to increase the heat of the mold and the temperature inside the mold, which will affect both the bottle and the equipment, the chiller will ensure that the temperature of the mold drops quickly, ensuring the quality and output of the bottle.

4. Recover the high-pressure and low-pressure gas in excess gas blowing. After a bottle blowing, the gas is discharged, causing a waste of energy and increasing energy consumption. By installing a gas recovery device, the pre-blow gas and blowing gas are passed through the one-way valve. Entering the gas storage tank can save 25% of energy consumption. PET bottle blowing machine bottle blowing process flow chart:

PET fully automatic blow molding machine selection principles:

1. Choose according to your own products. Depending on the bottle's radius, capacity, production capacity, etc., choose a bottle blowing machine of different models and number of mold cavities.

2. The reputation of the manufacturer. The technology of domestic bottle blowing machine manufacturers is uneven. It is recommended to choose manufacturers with design capabilities and continuous research and development capabilities as well as complete after-sales services.

3. Choose a bottle blowing machine with higher cost performance. Choose (BORG) bottle blowing machine, which has been focusing on PET bottle blowing machines for 30 years, with reasonable price and stable performance.

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