Molding technology for container shape and volume,NEWS 

Molding technology for container shape and volume

Molding technology for container shape and volume

The required properties of plastic containers are extremely diverse, and the required levels are getting higher and higher. It is not only the most basic storage and portability, but also the convenience of "easy to pour" and "easy to take out" that people feel in the use scene, as well as solid and liquid, high viscosity and low viscosity. , The required functions are different.

In addition, there is an increasing need to create brand and attractiveness through container design. In recent years, reducing environmental load has also become an important factor. BG will continue to provide added value in response to these different market needs.


Recycled PET 100% molding technology

As an initiative to save resources, karl proposed a project to make full use of its own technology. BG is a recycling system for waste PET bottles. The project uses 100% recycled PET flake materials to produce new PET bottles, which are washed and crushed from used PET bottles, and are highly acclaimed worldwide.

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