The hollow blow molding machine is ready to work before driving

The hollow blow molding machine is ready to work before driving

The hollow blow molding machine is ready to work before driving

The hollow blow molding machine is strictly prepared for driving before driving. Its main content has the following eight points:


    Point: The cooling water of the cooling material can be turned on, which can cause the screw bite.


    Point: Preheat hydraulic oil. If the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the hollow blow molding machine is too low, the heater should be turned on immediately, which is usually installed on a large machine.


    The third point: Press the start button and stop immediately. Check whether the pump is running in the correct direction. If it is found that it does not correspond, immediately change the power cord of the two-phase connection motor.


    The fourth point: The machine should be opened under the condition of no pressure in the hydraulic system. After opening, adjust the pressure of the overflow system of each pump to pressure. In large injection molding machines, there are often two pressure systems, ‘one is the clamping unit, the other is the injection unit, and each of the two units has a pressure release space. After the pump is stopped, the pressure vent valve opens. When the pump is working, the pressure vent valve closes the c switch.


    Fifth point: adjust the position of all the strokes and make the c switch of the moving template travel far.


    Sixth point: close the door. When opening the door on the operating side, operate according to the protection requirements. When the machine is working, all doors should be closed. For large hollow blow molding machines, the fishing and closing movement will be stopped: if the other door is opened, the oil pump will stop working.


    Seventh point: turn on the heating and temperature regulation system.


    Eighth point: Install the mold c. Clean the mold surface and the contact surface with the template of the hollow blow molding machine before the mold is installed.


    The ninth point: the hollow blow molding machine is connected to the main switch of the control cabinet L, and the operation selector switch is adjusted to the anti-rust oil in the inching or manual 1.951.jpg

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