Where to buy PET bottle blowing machine

Where to buy PET bottle blowing machine

Where to buy PET bottle blowing machine

Where can I buy a bottle blowing machine, where is the automatic bottle blowing machine of good quality, fast and hygienic, and where is the bottle blowing machine with good stability? Is the quality of China PET bottle blowing machine good? How about after-sales? how much is pet bottle blowing machine ?

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We Offer Both Fully Automatic PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine And Semi Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Producing High Quality PET Plastic Bottles In Various Shapes, Sizes, And Colors For Water, Juice, Carbonated Drink, Vegetable Oil, Alcohol, Liquid Detergent, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care Items.


We can supply you with an automatic PET bottle blowing machine to produce containers of various shapes, sizes, and colors suited for:
(Water,Juice ,Carbonated Drinks, Vegetable Oil , Alcohol,Liquid Detergent , Cosmetics ,Pharmaceuticals ,Personal Care Items)


With over a decade of manufacturing experience in the automatic PET blowing machine industry, we are confident with our high-quality products helping you achieve your company goals. Allow Borg Machine to supply your bottle-making machine requirements and experience the superior difference with our advanced equipment.


Services We Offer

Besides being an excellent manufacturer and supplier of blow molding machines, we are proud to offer services associated with the machines we provide. We combine our research development, design, manufacturing, and sales expertise in providing traditional and modern container designs that suit any business’s needs.

Blowing Mold

Borg can supply:blowing mold,blowing mould,plastic blowing mold,plastic blowing mould,plastic blow molding.Rather than employing a lot of staff that would sit idle when there are no new projects we prefer to work with a number of associates on a project basis. We have a network of specialists in just about any area of packaging. During the course of a project we may call on any of them to work out specific problems, Here is a list for your reference. For you as the paying customer this approach has the advantage that we do not need to charge for large overheads. Furthermore, your problems are dealt with by a specialist not by a well-meaning but inexperienced novice in the field. For these reasons we can offer very competitive rates. Give us a try!

Blowing Mold Features       
1.Slight half-line on the final bottle.
2.Perfect final volume matching.
3.Tooling by high precision machine.
4.Normally we use 45# steel to build our mold, Reliable hard chrome plated.
5.Stainless steel and aluminum alloy are optional for special requirement.
6.Excellent cooling water structure design ensure nice cooling effect.
7.Optimal production process ensure the high quality.
8.Short mold building period to save your time.


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Experience the superior difference in your packaging needs with Borg Machine. With automated machines that improve productivity, we ensure your company produces the containers it needs. Connect with our specialists to discuss your organization’s goals in the packaging industry.



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