Basic maintenance of air compressor


In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of […]

In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor and ensure the service life of the unit, a detailed maintenance plan must be formulated, and manned operations, regular maintenance, and regular inspection and maintenance must be performed to keep the air compressor clean, oil-free, and dirt-free.
The maintenance of main components shall be carried out with reference to the following suggestions:
A. When repairing and replacing components according to the above table, you must make sure: the pressure in the air compressor system has been released, separated from other pressure sources, the switch on the main circuit has been disconnected, and the safety signs that the closing is not allowed have been made;
B. The replacement time of the compressor cooling lubricant depends on the use environment, humidity, dust and whether there is acid or alkaline gas in the air. The newly-purchased air compressor must be replaced with new oil during the first 500 hours of operation, and then replaced every 4000 hours according to the normal oil change cycle. Machines that operate less than 4000 hours a year should be replaced once a year;
C. The oil filter must be replaced during the first 300-500 hours of operation, and the second time after 2000 hours of use, and then replaced every 2000 hours according to the normal time;
D. When servicing and replacing the air filter or intake valve, remember to prevent any debris from falling into the main compressor cavity. The entrance of the host is closed during operation. After the operation is completed, the host must be rotated several times in the direction of rotation by hand to make sure that there is no obstruction before it can be turned on;
E. Check the tightness of the belt every 2,000 hours of operation. If the belt is loose, adjust it until the belt is tensioned; in order to protect the belt, it is necessary to prevent the belt from being scrapped due to oil contamination during the entire process;
F. Every time the oil is changed, the oil filter must be replaced at the same time, and the replacement parts should be the original company parts as much as possible.