Blow molding


In blow molding process, the hot melt plastic pipe extr […]

In blow molding process, the hot melt plastic pipe extrusion through a die. Hot melt plastic pipe mold is closed before being suspended in midair, and it is stretched and cooled in the air when the tube.
By injection molding, plastic is contained in the flow path of the machine cylinder and the mold, accurate control of the process, until the part is ejected from the mold.
Using blow molding technique allows for precise control of the machine, but the process may be difficult to control the elements.
The biggest difference is that the molded part, forming a single injection molded part having a wall, and blow-molded parts is required is a complete housing, having an internal air gap. A simple example would be a blow member shampoo bottle. More advanced techniques may be blown inside hollow part of the seat bottom case mower, such mower housing having a variety of shapes, and die-cutting process in the mold.
When the injection-molded part designs, the general rule is to keep the wall thickness as uniform as possible, which is controlled by mold and die design. The wall thickness of the blow molded part from the machine control, the mold design does play a role in the thickness of the finished part. When designing parts of the blow, many shapes are possible, but must maintain the blow ratio. When the plastic is expanded in a mold under air pressure to punch holes in the blow molding parts, although some parts may be flushed with trapped air system.
In addition to the typical injection mold gate, in fact there is no wasted hot runner mold. Part blow indeed wasted because the plastic remaining between the mold outside the mold does extra edge. Blow-molding mold on the edge or side edge of clip referred to as a nip. The waste plastic and having a molded part separation cutting effect.
Blow parts design requires a lot of consideration, and critical to the understanding of the process. Typically, unless the width of the cavity is less than or equal to the depth of the cavity, or can not blown with a reasonable thickness of a uniform shape. Another consideration is sharp, the blow mold is only permitted where sharp parting line.
Typically, injection mold designers only design injection mold, blow mold but usually, too, because a large mold design differences. Engaged in the work of plastic parts product designers should understand every process and be able to design appropriate for the selected process parts. There can be blow or injection molded part design. It must be one, the other is good designer will know which course to choose from.
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