Drive system for blow molding machines


What drive system does the blow molding machine use? Th […]

What drive system does the blow molding machine use? The more common blow molding machine adopts the servo electric drive system, which reduces the waste of electric energy caused by the normal opening of the oil pump or compressor during the operation of the hydraulic system or pneumatic system. Therefore, the servo electric drive system saves energy compared to the hydraulic system and the pneumatic system. above 50;
The servo electric drive also avoids the leakage of oil caused by the traditional hydraulic drive, which causes the machine and product to be polluted, and can meet the requirements of the food, medicine, health and other industries for the cleanliness of the machine and the product; the carrier mechanism is equipped with an advanced servo electric drive system. The servo motor is used to drive the carrier slider with the linear guide rail. The operation is stable, the step positioning is accurate, the power saving is energy-saving, and the drive system of the hollow blow molding machine is very important. This cannot be ignored!