How to solve the transparency of PET bottles in the blowing process?


Many customers asked why the transparency of PET bottle […]

Many customers asked why the transparency of PET bottles blown out with the same material and machine is not good.
Let me tell you the specific reasons and solutions. The poor transparency of the bottle blowing machine is nothing more than the following situations: 1. The heating temperature is too high, 2. The heating time is too long, 3. The compressed air contains water. 4. The injection embryo tube itself is opaque (you need to find the reason from the injection molding machine) 5. The rationality of the embryo tube design 6. The inflation ratio is too small, and the tube blank is thick and heavy. To
The solutions are:
1. Cool down
2. Shorten the heating time of the machine
3. Use a dryer to remove water
4. Improve the quality of embryo tube, select materials and increase the dryness of raw materials
5. Improve the design of embryo tube size
6. Reduce the diameter of embryo tube