Learn more about the application of blow molding technology in PET bottles?


Generally, there are two blow molding techniques in the […]

Generally, there are two blow molding techniques in the design of (polyethylene terephthalate) PET bottles. The blow molding is compared with pre-production press molding. Compared with blow molding, among the two molding methods in the PET preformed bottle industry, blow molding technology is very easy to control, with higher efficiency, fewer defects, and less waste, so it is called injection stretch blow molding and Extrusion stretch blow molding process. method.
Divided into two categories, various PET bottle designs are highly valued globally, qualitatively and cost-effectively. One of them is a pressure bottle, such as filled carbonated beverage bottles, and the other is a non-pressure bottle, such as tea, oil and filled water bottles. It has been noted that with the advancement of technology and production scale in the Indian molding industry, blow molding machines have also been automated. In fact, the production capacity of the equipment has also improved from the previous approximate manufacturing records. Several thousand bottles per hour to tens of thousands bottles per hour. In addition, the manual work previously handled in button style development has been thoroughly checked by the computer system,
The PET bottle molding process will affect several important factors through its blow molding system, such as the surrounding environment and the environment. Highly dependent on the positive and negative advantages, the material and molding process of the PET preform should be selected with special care. According to experimental results, a viscosity similar to that of PET preform molding materials (imported materials rather than domestic trade molded products) may require unique blow molding technology. The main requirements of the preform material are transparency, purity, free of impurities and no different colors around the injection point and the length of the related spots.
At present, the first batch of injection stretch blow molding equipment manufacturers are France's SIDEL company and Germany's KRONES company. Today, there are many other PET bottle manufacturers around the world. You can search India's molding industry and bottle manufacturers online and use their services.