Maintenance and repair teach you the recipe Blow Molding Machine


1-bit addition without addition: the need to check seve […]

1-bit addition without addition: the need to check several situations:
Have no material hopper, if it is: the need to quickly feed
Not: Please contact the control checks whether the hoist is in energized state, if the state is energized, the motor quickly check whether the load is energized state and, since this is likely to be a preform (embryo) stuck lifting band, then the easiest way is to help improve artificial.
If the control contacts checks hoist is not energized state, check that the electric eye detection of the preform and the reflection plate are not the same straight line.

2 feed the old card feeder tray: This situation is more difficult problem, from the point of view of experience if preform (embryo) is relatively long length cut heavy weight, then this phenomenon is relatively small.
3 the blown bottle can not be removed from the mold. Should first mold is opened manually opening and closing the mold, if the normal operation state running empty it, if it is normal.
Check your exhaust time setting, if the exhaust gas properly set, and each blowing on a long fault, then the problem is based on the exhaust valve, the exhaust valve open and the check spring seal case (which there is also a kind of fault phenomenon is relatively large exhaust sound or voice did not break the net). If you encounter a lot of mold production is normal to occasionally look at such a situation they can not die, please check whether clamping pin for some of the screws on the inside, another check clamping strength is too large, if too should follow standard readjusted.

Position 4 bottles always pinch the robot is not dislocated.