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PET is a stretch molding process from thermoplastic mat […]

PET is a stretch molding process from thermoplastic material for the production of hollow objects. Two kinds of machinery used in plastic injection molding apparatus and PET blow molding machine. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of blow molding machine, then select the correct machine is a daunting task.
Various types of machines for the manufacture of PET bottles. Online high quality PET blowing machine uses pneumatic and mechanical system components, ideal for the production of PE, PP and PC container products. PET bottle blowing machine is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, chemicals, gifts, toys and other fields. PET blow molding machines for bottling mineral water, soft drinks, cooking oil and agricultural chemicals.
There are two ways of manufacturing PET bottles. The first method involves a two-step process, i.e. using a shape like a tube preform or preform. This is known injection stretch blow molding (ISBM).
The first step started liquefied polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is injected into the cavity formed in the shape of a test tube. The preform is then cooled. Was then adjusted into the station, in which the heated and softened to prepare
In the second approach, all the procedures involved in producing PET bottles are done on a single machine. This reduces the manpower, energy and space required for the machine.
Two-step method for inventory or tend to want to buy bottled water in the preform from suppliers bottler is advantageous. If there is sufficient preform, the system will prove to be faster than using a single-step process. A blow injection period average 1300-1500 produce plastic water bottles, depending on the capacity of the bottle.
When you select automatic plastic injection molding and blow molding machine, you should keep in mind some tips. It comprises an extruder having an extrusion head. It should be at least a closed unit. Two very popular closed cells. Please note that the specifications and main features. For example, the barrel and the screw should therefore desirably made of steel and by nitriding treatment. Configuration of the extruder should be automatically adjusted. First, the device should be personalized and customized according to your requirements.
Blow molding and injection molding process, there are two types.
In blow molding process, the hot melt plastic pipe extrusion through a die. Hot melt plastic pipe mold is closed before being suspended in midair, and it is stretched and cooled in the air when the tube.
By injection molding, plastic is contained in the flow path of the machine cylinder and the mold, accurate control of the process, until the part is ejected from the mold.
The blow mold in order to complete the work, but also the use of different types of equipment or machinery. Range from a single-stage blow molding machine to modern automatic PET blow molding machine. Our machines are widely used in the processing required packaging mineral water, soft drinks, cooking oil, cosmetics, liquor, medicines and food PET containers. Visit our website to explore Technopet provide blow molding machines, services and products other contract manufacturing solutions.
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