Semi-automatic blow molding machine processing technology


Semi-automatic blow molding machine is a kind of equipm […]

Semi-automatic blow molding machine is a kind of equipment for making plastic pellets into hollow containers by blow molding process. At present, the more common models include one-time hollow extrusion blower using PP and PE, using PET, PC or PP twice. Formed injection stretch blow molding machines, as well as newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion and stretch blow molding.
At present, most of the blow molding machines are still two-step blow molding machines, that is, the plastic raw materials must first be made into preforms and then blown. Currently commonly used in PET is environmentally friendly plastic. Blow molding machine: After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the wind is blown out by the machine, and the plastic body is blown to a cavity of a certain shape to make a product. This machine is called a blow molding machine. It is also a type of blow molding machine, namely a hydraulic bottle blowing machine.

The tubular plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of thermoplastic resin is heated (or heated to a softened state), placed in a split mold, and compressed air is introduced into the parison immediately after closing the mold to blow the plastic parison It is inflated and adhered to the inner wall of the mold, and is cooled and released to obtain various hollow products.

Semi-automatic blow molding machine mould is an important process equipment for the production of various industrial products. With the rapid development of the plastics industry and the promotion and application of plastic products in the aviation, aerospace, electronics, machinery, shipbuilding and automotive industries, the products are on the mold. The requirements are getting higher and higher, and traditional mold design methods are no longer able to adapt to today's requirements.

The NC machining of the semi-automatic blow molding machine mold has a certain typicality and has higher requirements than the numerical control processing of ordinary products. In the processing of molds, various CNC machining are used. The most widely used CNC milling and machining centers. The application of CNC wire cutting and CNC EDM in CNC machining is also very common. Wire cutting is mainly used in various Straight wall mold processing, such as concave and convex molds in press processing, inserts, sliders in blow molds, electrodes for electrical discharge machining, and the like.

For semi-automatic blow molding machine mold parts with high hardness, machining methods can not be used, most of them use EDM, and also use EDM for sharp corners, deep cavity parts and narrow grooves of semi-automatic blow molding machine mold cavity. . The CNC lathe is mainly used for processing standard parts of mold rods, as well as mold cavities or cores of rotary bodies, such as blow molds for bottles and basins, and forgings for shafts and disc parts. In the mold processing, the application of the CNC drilling machine can also play a role in improving the machining accuracy and shortening the machining cycle.