Technological development PET automatic blow molding machine


Beverage companies for blowing equipment, there are two […]

Beverage companies for blowing equipment, there are two urgent needs first is due to the plastic raw material prices continued to rise, beverage companies all the time thinking about how to reduce packaging costs to maximize profits, thus requiring the use of advanced production equipment blowing out lighter bottles; second is due to the rapid changes in the market, beverage manufacturers have to respond flexibly to drink shorter and shorter life cycles, corresponding to the PET bottle production is increasingly frequent product updates problems in the production process the need to replace the mold time to a minimum. These two pressing needs gave blowing equipment suppliers out of a not a small problem.

It refers to the closed loop technique process parameter connection verification process control system integrated in a stretch blow molding machine, forming, automatic control and automatic adjustment of combining the production process of a closed loop. Intelligent machine control technology is designed to improve the quality assurance system blowing machine. Can monitor various data such as a bottle wall thickness of the preform by using AgrPETWallplus monitoring system. In operation, the system deviates from the rated data will be instantly recognizable out, this information will be transmitted to the control system is blowing machine preform heating means, and the control system will rapidly reflect the individual control of each heating furnace tube rating. Therefore, even if the respective data of different bottles, in a case where the initial setting process parameters remain unchanged, and still produce bottles reliable quality.