There are two types of stretch blow molding


Squeeze and blow (ESB) The ESB is to place the extruded […]

Squeeze and blow (ESB)
The ESB is to place the extruded parison in a blow mold for pre-blowing and capping (bottom of the bottle) and adjust it to a temperature suitable for stretching, and then place the pre-inflated parison Longitudinal stretching, inflation, and cold setting are performed in a molding die.
The ESB unit is generally composed of an extruder, a parison die, a top blow molding die, a molding die, a temperature regulating device, and a mold clamping device.
ISB injection molding DVC material into the preform mold and cooling; after the mold is opened, the preform is placed in the pre-blowing mold, the temperature is adjusted, and the pre-blowing is performed; then the pre-blowing type is placed. The forming mold is longitudinally stretched, inflated, and cooled to form; after that, the mold is released.
The ISB unit is composed of an injection molding machine, a top mold, a temperature control device, a pre-blowing mold, a molding die and a mold clamping device.