What are the maintenance recommendations for air compressors?


The maintenance recommendations for air compressors The […]

The maintenance recommendations for air compressors

The safety valve has been set before the whole machine leaves the factory, and the supplier does not encourage users to adjust the safety valve privately. If adjustment is really necessary, it should be carried out under the guidance of the local labor safety department or the supplier's maintenance personnel to avoid adverse consequences.
For general users, some compressor maintenance suggestions are provided, and users can refer to the implementation .
①, every week:
a. Check the unit for abnormal noise and leakage
b Check whether the meter reading is correct
c. Check whether the temperature display is normal.
②, every month:
a. Check whether there is any rust or looseness in the machine. If there is rust, remove the rust and apply oil or paint, and tighten the looseness.
b. Drain the condensate.
③. Every three months:
a. Remove the dust on the outer surface of the cooler and the fan cover and fan blades
b. Add lubricating oil to the motor bearing
c. Check whether the hose is aging or broken
d. Check the electrical components and clean the electric control box.