What are the operation steps and precautions of the automatic blow molding machine?


1. Check whether the physical environment and the basic […]

1. Check whether the physical environment and the basic equipment environment meet the startup requirements. Whether the power supply, pipeline, high and low voltage display, etc. are all normal, and whether the operating environment meets the production regulation
2. After the above is satisfied, turn on the power and add 2-3 seconds to the automatic blow molding machine equipment.
3. Click to start, check whether the lamp in the controller is heated normally, if it is normal, the lamp is heated for 2-3 minutes, wait for the lamp temperature to meet the production requirements. In addition, in winter, the general ambient temperature is lower and heating time is longer, in summer, the temperature is higher, just a little heating
4. Turn on the device and blow the bottle normally.
Precautions for the use of automatic blow molding machine:
1. No preform loading on the bottle blowing machine. Check whether there are preforms in the preform hopper. If not, add preforms. If there is, but the preform can not be loaded automatically, check whether the feeding device is normal, and check the equipment alarm code, consult the manufacturer to further solve the problem.
2. The bottle blowout (burst) from the bottle blowing, if the equipment is used normally before, the general situation is caused by the high ambient temperature, and the operating environment needs to be cooled.
3. Carry out regular maintenance and repairs on the automatic blow molding machine. After the peak production season, it is necessary to perform a large maintenance on the automatic blow molding machine, wipe the mold clamping device, add lubricating oil, clean the mold and other detailed maintenance time and precautions.