What are the structural characteristics of plastic blow molding machine? (1)


Structural characteristics of plastic blow molding mach […]

Structural characteristics of plastic blow molding machine
With the development of human civilization, people are increasingly pursuing a convenient and fast lifestyle, and the development of clean and convenient packaging products is becoming faster and faster, and there are more and more types. As a very widely used container in our daily life, plastic bottles are mainly used for liquid or solid disposable packaging containers such as beverages, foods, edible oils, agricultural and veterinary medicines, etc. They have the characteristics of not easy to break, low cost, high transparency and lightness, so they have The huge market demand potential, most of the plastic bottle molding adopts blow molding. In recent years, although the blow molding technology has achieved rapid development, the current equipment from the early preparation, blowing, demolding, unloading and other operations are required A large number of manual operations, how to improve the production efficiency and quality of plastic bottles has long been the focus of industry attention.
1. The process and characteristics of plastic bottle blow molding
(1) Process: Push the preform into the mold, heat and move the blank in the plastic state into the mold through the action of compressed air, and cool to obtain the qualified product with the required product shape, size and surface quality.
(2) Features: The shape of the preform is a hollow revolving body with an open upper end. The plastic bottle body of the preform after blow molding is a hollow revolving body. The diameter from the neck to the head is gradually reduced. .
2. Technical indicators of equipment
(1) Preform material: thermoplastics such as PET.
(2) Blow molding heating temperature: 180~240℃.
(3) Blow molding air pressure: 0.55MPa~1..5MPa.
(4) Blow molding efficiency: 4 pcs/sec.