What are the structural characteristics of plastic blow molding machine? (2)


1. Structure and function (1) Composition: The main com […]

1. Structure and function
(1) Composition: The main components of the plastic bottle automatic blow molding machine include molds, pushers and turntables.
(2) The function of each main component: ① Mould: heat the preform and determine the final molding state of the plastic bottle. ②Turntable: Rotate the preform to the top of the pusher, and then transport the finished product back to the production line after processing. ③Pushing machine: Push the preform on the turntable into the mold for heating and blow molding. After processing, the pusher will send the finished product to the turntable.
2. Brief introduction of main organizations
(1) Mold. The mold needs to realize the heating and blow molding of the preform, and can complete the mold closing and mold opening work function action. The mold is hydraulically driven during the opening and closing process of the mold, which is automatic, efficient, and reliable.
When working, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder expands and contracts to realize the opening and closing movement of the mold. Both the inner and outer molds are connected to the connecting rod, and the outer mold can be pushed and accessed by the connecting rod.
(2) Push mechanism. The main function of the pushing mechanism is to push the tray to fit the mold and push the preform into the mold. The airbag and trachea installed in the pushing mechanism guide the compressed gas into the preform, shape the blank under the joint action of the mold and the tray, and after cooling the finished product, the mold is opened to push the finished product to the recovery station. All movements of the mechanism are driven by hydraulic cylinders to realize movements of various working actions.
(3) Turntable mechanism. The turntable mechanism is a multi-station intermittent motion device. Its function is to transfer the preform intermittently right above the push mechanism, and the push mechanism then sends the finished product back to the turntable. The turntable rotates. In order to achieve this intermittent motion, it uses an intermittent indexing groove wheel mechanism. There are 4 stations, each station is equipped with 1 tray, and each tray can hold 8 preforms.