What is the difference between hydraulic and pneumatic plastic blow molding machine?


The first medium that must be used is different. A comp […]

The first medium that must be used is different. A compressed air-hydraulic oil is used. Pressure control is required for air compressors and hydraulic control. Pumps are used in automatic blow molding machines. It should be said that the principle of control is The same, mainly depends on the object and environment you use. Hydraulic pressure is generally used in some construction machinery, and low-pressure valves controlled by plants, and pneumatic cylinders are mostly pneumatically controlled. For example, the air pressure is large, and pneumatic control is generally not used under heavy loads. . The general indicator of heavy load is the weight of tons, but 5 seats, not heavy load. Of course, due to the weight of 6 people plus their own weight, there are nearly 0.5 tons, which can be used for hydraulic pressure and can also be used for control. The difference of the five seats is from the cost point of view, the overall cost is close. Hydraulic pressure is slightly more expensive. The difference in performance is reflected in:
1. Noise comparison
Since the hydraulic pressure cannot stop running and ensure a normal load per cylinder, the hydraulic noise is the main source of high-frequency noise in the pump and motor loads, with a volume of about 60db-70db. The pressure of the pressure pump of the noise source of the airflow noise during the operation of the machine, because of the pressure storage tank, there is no need to stop the operation. The noise of the pneumatic pump is 75dB, and the noise is low frequency noise. Pressure pumps can deliver gas over long distances under conditions. This can effectively reduce noise sources.
2. Comparison of transmission and dynamic effects
Because the difference between pneumatic and hydraulic transmission media is due to the difference in performance, the dynamic effect still uses the media. Air is compressible for transmission performance, and the load is lighter and faster, but the hydraulic load is not due to the weight of the load and speed.