What is the difference between the principle of blow molding machine and blow molding machine?


1. Bottle blowing machine 1) Warm up Irradiate the pref […]

1. Bottle blowing machine
1) Warm up
Irradiate the preform (embryo) through an infrared high-temperature lamp tube to heat and soften the part of the preform (embryo). In order to maintain the shape of the bottle mouth, the preform (embryo) mouth does not need to be heated, so certain Cooling device.
2) Blow molding
In this stage, the preheated preforms (preforms) are placed in the blow molds that have been prepared, and high-pressure inflation is performed to blow the preforms (preforms) into the required bottles.
Bottle blowing machines on the market are generally divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic.
The automatic blow molding machine combines the two operations of blowing the bottle through the operation of the manipulator, which eliminates the process of manually putting the preheated preform (preform) into the blow mold in the middle. Greatly speed up the production rate, of course, the price is higher than semi-automatic.
2. Blow molding machine
The structure of the automatic air ring adopts double air outlets, in which the air volume of the lower air outlet is kept constant, and the circumference of the upper air outlet is divided into several air ducts, each air duct is composed of an air chamber, a valve, a motor, etc., and the air duct opening is adjusted by the motor driven valve Degree, control the air volume of each air duct.
In the control process, the film thickness signal detected by the thickness measurement probe is transmitted to the computer. The computer compares the thickness signal with the currently set average thickness, performs calculation according to the thickness deviation and the curve change trend, and controls the motor to drive the valve to move. When thin, the motor moves forward and the tuyere is closed.
On the contrary, the motor moves in the reverse direction and the tuyere increases. By changing the air volume at each point on the circumference of the air ring, the cooling rate at each point is adjusted to control the lateral thickness deviation of the film within the target range.