What is the solution for the pearly luster and whitening of the PET bottle during the blowing process?


In the blowing process, we often find this kind of prob […]

In the blowing process, we often find this kind of problem, the PET bottle body appears pearl-like luster and whitening, what is the cause and the solution
Causes of pearl luster and whitening during PET bottle blowing:
(1) Preform heating temperature is too low
(2) The problem of uneven wall thickness of the embryo tube occurs during the injection molding process.
(3) The thickness of the embryo tube is too thick, and the heating time is insufficient to penetrate. The temperature is not reached.
elimination method:
1. Heat up the bottle blowing machine or slow down the revolution speed
2. Improve the quality of the embryo tube of the injection molding machine, and replace high-quality injection molds when necessary.
3. Reduce the thickness of the embryo tube, or try to increase the outer cover of the heating device to increase the surface temperature of the embryo tube. You can calculate the heating time according to the weight of the tube, and the time is strictly in accordance with the specified time.