What is the working principle of the plastic bottle blowing machine?


1. Working principle The power source is provided by th […]

1. Working principle
The power source is provided by the electric motor and the hydraulic system. The high-pressure oil provided by the hydraulic system realizes the up and down operation of the push mechanism and the functions of mold clamping and mold opening through the hydraulic valves controlled by each function.
The electric motor drives the intermittently indexing sheaves of the turntable mechanism through the speed change device with deceleration and increased torque to realize multi-station and orderly operation.
The high-pressure gas supplied by the pneumatic system presses and holds the pressure to shape the heated preform cavity. Under the combined action of the mold, the forming and shaping functions are realized.
2. Working process
When the equipment is working, it needs to go through blank selection, station positioning, blow molding, finished product ejection and recycling. The specific process is as follows:
①Blank selection: The motor-driven sheave mechanism drives the turntable to achieve intermittent indexing rotation, and transfers the blank to the working position of the pushing mechanism.
② Push: The push mechanism sends the preform into the mold of the work station.
③Blow molding: the mold and the tray are closed and the preform is heated. The compressed air blows and holds the preform through the air nozzle of the air pipe, and the preform is cooled and formed in the mold.
④ Take back the finished product: After the plastic bottle is formed, the pushing mechanism will lower the finished product together with the tray onto the turntable.
⑤ Output finished product: the turntable rotates to transfer the finished product to the output belt for subsequent operations.