What should I do if I encounter problems with the bottle blowing machine?


1. What should I do if the bottom of the bottle blown o […]

1. What should I do if the bottom of the bottle blown out by the blow molding machine?
Analysis: The common factor of bottle accumulation is that the stretching rod is not adjusted in place. It is recommended that the stretching ratio between the preform and the bottle body is 1: 2.5 (excluding the mouth part), and the heating temperature is adjusted to extend the pre-blowing gas.
2. What should I do if the mouth of the bottle blown by the bottle blowing machine is deformed?
Analysis: bottle mouth deformation Generally, during the heating process of the preform, the transmission chain drives the bottle base to transmit the temperature to the preform mouth. During the heating process, the temperature continues to accumulate and the bottle mouth swells. Only need to increase the air or water cooling of the bottle mouth. If the customer's conditions permit, you can refer to the import machine to install a central air conditioner in the production workshop to keep the ambient temperature of the workshop at normal temperature.
3. How should the blow molding machine operate, and what accessories should be checked?
Analysis: As long as the equipment is operated strictly in accordance with the instructions in the instruction manual, the performance of each safety door is regularly checked, and the equipment is generally safe. But the biggest hidden danger of the equipment is mainly on the seals of the water jacket and the air jacket. For example, the water and air jacket are damaged, and the maintenance project is more troublesome.