What to do when the multi-functional bottle blowing machine blows bottles? (2)


1. The high pressure of the bottle blowing machine is t […]

1. The high pressure of the bottle blowing machine is too high
Solution: If the high pressure is set too high, it is most likely to cause the bottle to burst during the bottle blowing process. After the preform is stretched by the stretching rod, the high pressure blows the bottle quickly, and the excessive pressure directly causes the bottle to burst.
2. The mold is not in place during the mold clamping process
Solution: The overwhelming majority of bottle bursts during mold clamping is due to the incorrect clamping position, which causes the bottle to break. Most of this problem is caused by the manufacturer not adjusting the installation mold in place, and it is necessary to re-install the mold clamping mold correctly.
3. Cylinder failure of the bottle blowing machine
If all the bottles in each mold cavity are burst bottles, and one cavity is exploded, most of them are because the cylinder of the bottle blowing machine is broken, and a new cylinder needs to be updated.
If you encounter bottle bursting problems, do n’t panic, and eliminate the cause step by step, and finally find the cause.