3L 2 cavity semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

1. Produce bottle from 0.1L to 3L
2. Output capacity up to 900 for 0.6L using two-cavity blow mold
3. Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly panel and time-control precision of PLC up to 0.01second
4. Equipped with special designed air storage unit
5. Using Infrared preform heater
6. Independent Temperature Control for different heating lamp to get ideal preform heating results
7. Heating lamps are adjustable in directions to suit various preforms.
8. Operated only by one person without special training.
9. Simple installation & startup adjustment.
10. Waste rate of finished bottle is less than 0.2%.

Blowing 0.1-3 liter PET ordinary bottles, PET hot filling bottles, BOPP high-temperature bottles (one out of four) using four mold cavity abrasive tools to blow 600 ml bottles, the output can be as large as 3000 per hour, advanced PLC control system, time control can be accurate to 0.01 seconds, special air storage device, using infrared lamp heating, strong penetration, preform rotation and heating, orbital revolution, uniform heating, fast and reliable
Different heating lamps are equipped with independent temperature control devices to ensure that the preforms have the ideal heating effect. The direction of the heating lamps can be adjusted according to different preforms. Only one person is required, and no special training is required.
Simple installation and start-up, the scrap rate of finished products is less than 0.2%R&D_3.jpg

ITEM3L 2 cavity semi-automatic bottle blowing machine
Clamping force13T
Clamping stroke330mm
Max.stretching stroke440mm
Number of cavities0.1-3L 2cavity
Theoretical output0.5-2.5L:800-1500bph
Max.mould thickness280mm
Mould plate size490x470mm
Voltage standard380v/3PH/50Hzorspecoal order
Total power(full loaded)3-10KW 5-15KW
Min.air compressor1.2mm3/min3.0Mpa
Blow molding machine175x60x180cm
Pre - heater150x70x140cm
Net weight0.75T
Container volume0.5-2.5L
Neck diameter range28-100mm
Container diameter150mm
Container height450mm