PET Blow Molding Machine 1-5L

PET Blow Molding Machine 1-5L


Max.Container volume 2ilt 

Max.neck Diameter 50mm

Max.Container DIameter 110mm

Max.Container Height 320mm


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Scope: Applicable to all kunds of PET bottles which Comtoin water,Oil medicine, juice, tea , spices, carbonated drinks, cps,etocs, ets, 

Machine advantages:

♦ According to custamers' requiremedt con install air-recycle system

♦ Adopt touch-type color HMI system,easy to operate.

♦ Maxomun can blaw 2liter bottles. maximum single-cavity production can be 1250 blttles/h

♦ Bottle outlet system is able to add a linking unit and combine with conveyor system to connect to the flung macnine, nence reduce bottles' secondary pollution and save labors.

♦ Preform carriages adopt unique patented technology. When blow different necks no need to stop machine, can change thje carriages the carriages under machine continuous running,and olny take 5 minutes.


Model     BG-3000 BG-3000SF
Molding Clamping Force kg 18000 18000
Clamping Stroke mm 125 125
Stretching Stroke mm 450 450
Bottom Stroke mm 40/70 40*70
Cavity Spacing mm 120 120
Number of Cavity Cavities 3 3
Carriage Unit pcs 90 90
Theoretical capacity Theoretical Output bph 2500-3000 3000-3800
Electrical System Total Power kw 75 78
Heating Power kw 24*1.5kw=36 24*1.5kw=36
Bumber of lamp layers Layers 8 8
Air System Operating Pressure kg/cm² 7-9 7-9
Low pressure air consumption Itr/min 1600 1400
Blowing pressure kg/cm² 20-30 30-40
High pressure air consumption Itr/min 2400 3000
Chiller Operating pressure kg/cm² 2-4 2-4
Temperature Range 10-12 10-12
Consumption kcal/hr 1600 2000
Flow Rate itr/min 250 250
Main Machine Main machine Dimensions mm(L*W*H) 2600*2100*2150 3700*2100*2150
Main machine weight kg 3000 3150
Preform Loader Preform loader dimensions mm(L*W*H) 2350*1350*2650 2350*1350*2650
Preform loader weight kg 550 550
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