20L 5 Gallon Semi-Auto Blow Moulding Machine

BG-20L semi-auto stretch blow molding machine is specially designed to produce 3-6 gallon bottle and 25L wide mouth jar. Its max output is up to 90 BPH for 5-gallon bottle and even could reach 120 bottles per hour in certain case. 

BG-20L consists of main unit and rotary infrared heater. The ordinary quartz lamp cannot heat preform ideally because the preform wall is excessively thick. The infrared heater with high penetrative force can heat the inside and outside of preform simultaneously and keep preform in even heating, therefore high shaping quality.

Machine Features:

BG-20L 20 l pet bottle blow molding machine is suitable to produce 7-20L water buckets, drinking water bottles or big capacity cooking oil bottles, etc.

Produce bottle from 7L to 20L(1 cavity)

Output capacity up to 80bph for 20L using one-cavity blowing mold (one blower & one heater)

Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly panel and time-control precision of PLC up to0.01second

Equipped with special designed air storage unit

Using Infrared preform heater

Independent Temperature Control for different heating lamp to get ideal preform heating results

Heating lamps are adjustable in directions to suit various preforms.

Operated only by one person without special training.

Simple installation & start up adjustment.

Waste rate of finished bottle is less than 0.1%


HostProduct capacity20L
Product caliber≤65mm
Template size420x660mm
Mold thickness350-420mm
Clamping stroke≤350mm
Clamping force80KN
Stretching stroke530mm
Working pressure≤1.0Mpa
Blowing pressure≤4.0Mpa
Blowing power2Kw
Host weight2500Kw
Host size2800*720*2160mm